Our company Robosander Corp. It was founded in 2009 in New York to satisfy the need for better and more modern equipment for processing a wooden floor. What prompted us to do this that the machines produced for this do not provide high quality, and will also require a lot of time to perform work. In addition, this equipment does not correspond to the spirit of the times: there is no automation and robotization of the processes performed.

As for shortcoming of the main two types of machines, floor sanders and buffers, then firstly, the worker “by eye” determines the distance for each next trip. Secondly, none of these machines can process the entire floor strip from start to finish, i.e. from one wall to another. The reason is that the operator and the control handle of the machine prevent this at the end of the trip. Thirdly, these machines throw out a lot of dust, which, in addition to harming the health of the worker, settles on the walls of the room.

The big disadvantage of edger trimmers is that their design does not allow creating a smooth surface, since the contact area of the sandpaper with the floor is very small. As for ensuring mating with the surface already polished by the sander, there is no need to talk about this. It should also be noted that using an edger is a painstaking and tedious job that requires prolonged standing and crawling on your knees. In addition, edgers also emit a very large amount of noise and dust.

Varnishing the surface of the floor, which consists in applying varnish with the help of a sheepskin, is similar to the work of primitive man. This method does not provide either a uniform layer thickness or a smooth surface.

For 6 years of hard work, our company has managed to develop a fundamentally new machine based on 28 new inventions. The robot created by our company, which performs all types of work on the processing of wooden floors, ensures their highest quality and frees a person from difficult and tedious work. We have been able to achieve this goal thanks to our team of highly professional and talented employees and their hard creative work.

Today, our company is the first and only one in the world to prepare for the production of wood flooring robots, a product that many businesses in this industry need.