Advantages robot relatively the existing equipment.

By creating first in the world a multifunctional robot, our company Robosander Corp. has made a real breakthrough in the development and production of essentially new, advanced and modern equipment for the processing of hardwood floors. The latest achievements of modern science and engineering went into its design, including 32 inventions and other new technology developed by us. Comparing our robot with contemporary equipment, we see the following advantages:

  1. Automates labor: relieves a person from hard, monotonous, tiring work; excludes the need for worker to crawl on their knees with edger in hands for processing surface along the walls which are not treated with a sanding machine.
  2. Increases labor productivity in many times, since a worker’s time is spent only to prepare robot for work, and the robot does this work yourself.
  3. Highly qualified workers are not needed since special skills are not required because for use the robot any worker can do the job according to manual.
  4. The much higher quality, inaccessible for manual processing, is achieved by the robot due to:

    – incommensurably more accurate orientation: for the robot, it is (+ -) 1/16 “(1.5 mm) for manual operation it is (+ -) 2” (50mm);

    -robot fielded provides perfectly stable press of the sanding element to the floor surface (such stability is not possible by hand);

    – does not create defective line of junction, making passageways “from wall to wall” (in manual operation, initially make sanding one part of the room, and then other part, connection line is always defective);

    – makes ideally flat and produce a smoother surface, along the walls thanks of the invented flat-sanding unit (by hand using edger this can’t be achieved);

    – makes better quality of sanding of surface when wood fibers are arranged at an angle to each other. Robot does this work using invented flat-sanding unit (for manual sanding such tool does not exist).

  5. Eliminates possibility of damage of the belt and the floor if some small objects appear on the path of the robot, for example grains of sand from sanding belt, or a nail appearing out of nowhere, or a pebble that dropped out of a protector of footwear worker’s, robot will merely discard it, since the belt always rotates in the opposite direction from the direction of the motion of the robot. Existing sander will pull it underneath itself, scratching the floor, damaging the sanding belt and drum.
  6. Easily and efficiently removes some surface defects, does it with the help of invented flat-sanding machine in “Repair” mode, very fast and with high quality. Existing equipment takes significant amount of time for such a repair, and it does not guarantee the quality.
  7. On the robot used a new technology varnish coating, which provides an uniform application of varnish on a floor’s surface. At a manual work, lacquering is performed chaotically by a roller that cannot provide uniformity of lacquering for obvious reasons.
  8. On the lacquering surface there are no hair from the brush or a fiber from applicator. During lacquering using the old technology, this problem exists, and workers usually warn the customer that this will not be considered a defect.
  9. Incomparably smaller dust content. It is provided by the availability of the strips sliding on the floor surface during sanding, which pick up the dust and send it to a suction hole. These strips are usually missing in a regular sander.
  10. No need for manual correction of an abrasive belt. In the robot correction of the belt happening automatically, while on a regular sander this regulatad must be performed “manually”.
  11. Service life of sander’s abrasive belt of sander’s is 1.5 times longer since its length is 1.5 times longer than of existing belt sander.
  12. Better cleaning of the sanding belt, since at each turnover it is bent on tension rollers two times while on existing sanders, it is bent only once.
  13. Electrical energy consumption at 25 – 30% lower since it is using the motor with converter. On existing the sander is used single-phase motor is with low efficiency.
  14. Greatly increases chances of winning the tender for the execution of works based on article: “The use of new technologies and equipment.” If the sanding company wants to be subcontractor, it can help companies participating in the tender to win it. To do this, between the two companies should be concluded a contract on cooperation and presented to the competition committee.